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  • Panel Mount Waterproof Case

  • Stylish Black Hard Anodised Finish

  • Dynamic Menu System for Function Access

  • Responsive 2 Axis Proportional Speed Thumbstick

  • Supports Up To 6 Cameras and 16 Monitors

  • Pelco D and Pelco D (Variant) Protocols

  • RS485 Serial Data

  • Wide Operating Voltage – 6~36VDC

  • Clear Backlit LCD Screen

  • Easy, Intuitive Menu System for Feature Access

Control up to 16 on board PTZ and Thermal cameras with the stylish 595 panel mount joystick.


Featuring a responsive 2 axis proportional speed thumbstick and 8 feature buttons, the 595 can drive our complete range of PTZ and Thermal cameras and also interface with our hybrid video recorder range and matrix switchers to select 16 cameras to 16 monitors.


The 595 is very easy to install, with 2 wires for DC power and 2 wires for RS485 serial data and transmits Pelco D protocol and Variant data. High end power circuitry means the device can be operate between 6~36VDC and also features reverse voltage protection.


The 8 feature buttons navigate through the devices dynamic intuitive menu system to access all the extended features built into our PTZ and Thermal PTZ cameras.

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