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  • 400 x 300 Resolution / 17µm Pixel Pitch

  • 19mm Lens / 25mm Lens (Option)

  • 50Hz Refresh Rate for Real Time Video

  • 5 x Colour Palettes

  • Laser Pointer

  • Composite Video Output (PAL / NTSC)

  • Built in WiFi – View and Record Video & Snapshots via Smartphone / Tablet

  • >5 Hour Battery Life

  • Digital Zoom – 2x, 4x.

  • Adjustable Viewfinder

  • IP66 Environmental Rating

See beyond the visible spectrum with the latest generation of 250 Thermal Hand-scopes, small enough to fit in your pocket yet boasting a feature set that blows the competition out of the water.


With an impressive 400×300 resolution at 17µm pitch a premium quality 19mm lens and 50Hz refresh rate, the camera delivers smooth, crisp night vision displayed onto the scopes high bright screen.


A composite video output is built in to relay footage onto an auxiliary screen and WiFi is also provided to stream live video onto your smart phone of tablet. Download the cameras App and you can also store video footage and snapshots on your device.


Distant objects can be magnified with the cameras x2 and x4 digital zoom feature and a cross hair overlay is also available. In addition to the high resolution sensor, advanced edge detection processing is employed to further enhance the clarity of the image and the camera features selectable colour palettes which help to accentuate differences in scene temperature to make objects easier to detect.


As you would expect from a product of this quality, the camera is extremely rugged with a rubberised over-mould to protect from drops, shock and vibration and an ingress protection rating of IP66.

The built in battery can last over 5 hours between charges and is recharged via a mini USB port (charger supplied).


As well as a professional night vision imager, the 250 also features a long range laser pointer to help identify and point out the position of objects and targets.


The 250 is a great all round night vision tool for marine use, hunting and outdoor leisure, law enforcement and emergency services.

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