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  • Small, Compact & Stylish Housing

  • 2MP High Definition Resolution

  • ONVIF Profile S compliant

  • Compatible (Video Only) with Raymarine / Axiom MFD’s (LH2 of above)

  • Available with high polish  (standard) or white powder coat Bezel

  • Surface Mount Bracket Available

  • 12VDC and Power over Ethernet (PoE)

  • Low Power / Low Consumption

  • Great All-Round Performance

  • Excellent Value for Money!

The x106 range of multi-format miniature, controllable cameras are the smallest marine PTZ cameras available on the market and provide fast, smooth variable speed control in a variety of formats to suit your requirements.


The 4106 is a 2MP, ONVIF compliant IP camera, providing superb high definition video footage compatible (video only) with Raymarine / Axiom MFD’s running LH2 and above. Compatibility with Garmin 8xxx series MFD’s is achieved when used in conjunction with our HVR’s and IP Boxes. The cameras feature both a standard DC socket  for 12VDC power and a PoE connection for Power over Ethernet applications.


The camera can be controlled by our 595 joystick controller or TE01 Rotary Controller or via a browser interface (IE). You can also control the device via an SGM HVR interface. Communication to the camera is achieved via RS485 serial data or ethernet depending on the control device.


The camera housing is designed to be as small as possible simplifying installation and fitting in discretely with the boats aesthetic, unlike other large unsightly marine PTZ cameras.


The body of the camera is made from lightweight but tough ABS plastic and the  dome is cast from smoke acrylic. The camera housing is finished off with a marine grade stainless steel bezel available in high polish (standard) or with a white powder coat finish (add suffix W to order code).


A surface mount bracket is also available for the camera (Part Number: BRK106) facilitating installation directly onto a bulkhead and often used when installing in engine rooms where its not possible to recess mount the device.


Because of its small size and sleek design, the 4106 can be used for deck, companionway and tender monitoring, engine room monitoring and as part of your on-board surveillance system.


In summary, the  4106 is a very versatile and robust, controllable marine PTZ camera.

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