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Romfartøy i bane

Iridium Edge Pro

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Electronic reporting system er en applikasjon som kan benyttes på Android/iOS for å registrere fangst.

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Vessel monitoring system er et system som skal kunne spore fartøy enten via GSM (telefoni) eller satellitt.

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Apollo SAT-01

Er et produkt utviklet av SG Marine AS som benytter Iridium sitt 100% globale satellittnettverk. Produktet er NEMKO sertifisert.

Deep dive into our innovating solution

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Mechanical specifications:

Dimentions: 127 x 90 x 41mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 200g

Connection: 18 Pin Female-contact

Contach housing: Included for extra protection


Powersupply: 7-32V

Consumption: Max 1.6W

Sleep mode: <100uA

Backup batteri​: Yes


Bluetooth, CANbus, Modbus & USB

2x Analog inputs/outputs

2x Digital  inputs/outputs



Internal sensors:





Environment specifications:

Storage temp: -40-85 Celsius

Use temp: -40-70 Celsius

Shock: 1 meter falltestet

Storage low pressure: 9.100meter

Tested according to:


IACS E10 Rev.7:2018

IEC/EN 60945:2002 + Cor1:2008

Nemko certified: E21079.01

mobil og pad apollo.png

In accordance with requirements from The Norwegian  Department of Fisheries.


Secure storage of data.


Developed by SGM-Tech as a Iridium VAD ( Value Added Developer)


*Support for external keypad


100% Iridium satellite network connection

Software & Platform developed in Norway


SGM's Catch report is an application that is used on a smartphone/tablet. It may also be used from a PC.

*External keypad functionality are currently being developed

Cloud based




Third party

Cloud based solution

We offer a cloud based solution for extraction of reports.

Go back in time and see how much you've caught. Export vital data or simply use the system to get a situational view of your fleet.


We have developed a way to compress the messages required by Norwegian law. By doing this we're cutting the end-user cost significantly.


We've developed our solution from scratch and can therefor offer configurations and adjustments to third-party systems.


We want only the best for our customers and strive to offer a simple, cost effective, yet powerful solution for our users. We chose 100% Iridium connection.

This way the user won't experience issues with switching between satellite and GSM nettwork (3G/4G/5G)


We can integrate with third party solutions that the end user can benefit from.

Our connections for interfacing are:

  • Bluetooth/BLE

  • Canbus

  • Modbus

  • Analog signal

  • Digital signal

Slim your communication costs with our optimised solutions for vessels and crew.

Our services will ensure that you comply more efficiently with regulations while providing you with the best technology and connections to meet your needs, whatever your vessel type or budget.

Our unique support service is available 24 hours a day – online and via telephone. From sales to installation and maintenance to upgrades, we are committed to complementing your business with exceptional professionalism and expertise.

Above all, safety is critical in the fishing industry. Our solutions will ensure that you are equipped for any emergency as well as always connected to the help you may need.


Our comprehensive network of partners allows us to offer bespoke solutions over Ka, Ku, and L-Bands at least cost routing and inclusive of smart failover systems.

We offer a range of flexible regional tariff bundles, specifically tailored to your areas of operation, to help you avoid any potential issues such as overpayment. Moreover, if you require connectivity at minimal price, we can work with you to offer affordable solutions for your budget requirements.

Our virtualization environment will offer you enormous flexibility for the installation of critical applications on your vessel and help you stay connected with advanced solutions enabled by IoT.

Discover what we can do for you.



Leangbukta 31

1392 Vettre

+47 67 53 53 53

Thank you for contacting us! we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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