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A hydraulic thruster system is the natural choice when extensive thruster usage or long run cycles are required. We design our hydraulic systems with the style needed for pleasure craft and the reliability necessary for commercial use.


For many vessels, a hydraulic system makes sound economically sense several functions can run off one central hydraulic source. Once the basic system is in place (pump, reservoir, cooler), adding a function is simply a matter of adding a relatively inexpensive hydraulic valve. This approach is more efficient and cost effective than running each individual function with its own electric motor, solenoid, fuse and battery switch, especially with larger equipment. Additionally, hydraulic valves and motors are better choices in harsh environments such as the forepeak, bilge and transom areas, as well as areas requiring ignition protection. Typical hydraulic applications are thrusters, stabilizers, winches, capstans, cranes, etc.

There are many different ways of designing ­hydraulic systems, and some solutions are better for specific applications than others. Side-Power Hydraulic systems are designed to provide outstanding performance of the core components and flexibility to power multiple additional equipment.

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